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Release Notes: June 18, 2020

Hunters & Gameplay



  • Updated the minimum time threshold to start a vote to surrender and the time between surrender votes.


    Developer’s note:


    We've made these changes to try to mitigate the impact of people spamming surrender. Please note we're still working on AFK prevention, which will go a long way towards addressing one of the chief causes of teams needing to surrender.

    • Time from start of match until surrendering becomes available increased from 1.5 minutes to 7 minutes.

    • Time between surrender votes increased from 1 minute to 2 minutes.

  • Updated critical hit sound effects.

  • The loadout screen now shows passive abilities. 

  • Creature and object healthbars will now show shield information if the creature or item has a shield—for example, Bugg’s plants will now show when they have overshield.



  • Revised blade impact sound effects.



  • Revised blade impact sound effects. 


  • Client download bandwidth usage reduced by 5-10%.

  • Improved client framerate by 5-10% for both minimum and recommended specification machines. Performance gains may vary for machines that don't precisely match minimum or recommended specifications. 

  • Fixed 3 bugs that could result in the client and server state for a given player getting out of sync (which would result in a player appearing to have their state "reset"). 

    Developer's note: It's still possible to encounter desyncs like these from other sources.

  • Machines with lower memory will now load smaller sound banks, which should result in slightly better performance for machines at minimum specifications. 

User Interface & Usability


  • The profile page will show "NEW" flags on icons, and they'll be cleared upon hover-over or selection.

  • Updated the art for the quick comms radial menu.

  • Updated the loading screen tip rotation speed to make reading each tip easier.

  • The [Escape] key will now close the "Swap Challenge" pop-up modal. 

Bug fixes:

  • Radial overlays on Collections menus now show the correct slots as being filled.

  • Interaction prompt now properly shows images for gamepad buttons.

  • Fix some display bugs on drop-down menus. 

  • The profile link on the Collections menu no longer says "NEW" forever.

  • Profile icons that are no longer able to be earned will be hidden to players who do not have them.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to display improperly if a player died with the scoreboard open.

Update notes: June 22, 2020

  • Players can no longer queue for the Harvester Command game mode.

Developer’s note: When we talked about focusing our development efforts on Heart of the Hives in our June 4 update, we mentioned that we intended to keep access to Harvester Command available for a while longer. After looking at the matchmaking data from the past weekend, it’s clear that Heart of the Hives is the preferred mode (over 95% of all matches). Based on this data and feedback that we’re hearing in the community, we feel that it’s the right time to make this change.

Update notes: June 29, 2020

  • Updated matchmaking to prioritize getting players into matches more quickly. Players in low population regions should see shorter queue times, but may get matched to servers where they'll have higher latency.