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Release Notes: June 10, 2020



  • Added the option for a team to surrender during a match.

    • Surrender votes can be started from the Main Menu [ESC]. 

    • Surrender votes pass if two-thirds or more of all active players on the team agree. AFK players and disconnected players are excluded from voting.

    • The surrender option becomes available 90 seconds after a match begins. 

    • If a surrender vote is unsuccessful, the team must wait 60 seconds before starting another surrender vote.

Hunters & Gameplay


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed all hunters to slip into amplifiers' locations just before they spawned and capture them from the inside.

Rahi & Brother


  • Concussive Punch [tier 1 upgrade] & Force Punch [Right Mouse Button]: Modified the functionality of Concussive Punch. Now, rather than replacing Force Punch's melee attack with a projectile, Concussive Punch adds a projectile that works in conjunction with the skill's basic melee functionality. This should help increase consistency of punching nearby targets when this upgrade is active.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Shakirri to swap from pistol stance to sword stance without her camera, movement speed, and sensitivity adjusting properly. 

Modes & Challenges

Match Objectives


  • Medical Stations will now heal damage-over-time. Medical Stations heal for 80 points on interact; once a hunter's health is full, Medical Stations will remove up to 80 points of damage-over-time per interaction.

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed a bug that caused Upgrade Amplifiers to not be properly counted for objective challenges.

Battle Pass Challenges


  • All Pre-Season weekly challenges requiring Alpha Hunters or Harvester Command to complete have been replaced with challenges that simply require players to win a number of matches.

  • If you've already completed a challenge that has been replaced, you will keep the battle stars you have earned, and you'll be able to complete the new challenge for additional battle stars.

  • Some challenges (like "Inflict Spike Plant Damage" and "Kill A Hive Without Wasp Damage") that could lead to players focus on things that don't contribute to winning a match have been replaced. 

  • Some challenge goals have been reduced.

  • Daily challenges that previously awarded 3 stars now award 4, and daily challenges that previously awarded 2 stars now award 3. 

    Developer's note: We're increasing the battle star award that players get from dailies to make it easier to complete the pass even if players only play two or three days a week.



  • Slightly reduced system memory and video memory usage. 

User Interface & Usability


  • Adjusted the quick comms wheel art, made the inner ring smaller, and made the selection cursor smaller to help improve the speed and reliability of quick comms.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some instances of unintentional debug text appearing. 

  • Emojis can now be used while in the air (e.g., while Bugg is using Thrusters). 

Known Issues

  • Exiting the post-match rewards screen quickly may result in challenge progress not displaying properly. Challenge progress will update and display correctly after completing another match or relaunching the game client.