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Pre-Season Starts Now!

Greetings, Essence hunters!

Today marks the launch of Crucible, and also of Crucible’s Pre-Season. We’re here to tell you about the challenges and rewards in store for you.


Every day, you’ll see a list of optional challenges displayed in the main menu where you’re hanging out before joining a match. You get three challenges to complete before 11:59 p.m. PST each day, at which point any completed challenges will be replaced and a new day will begin. You can swap out one challenge per day for another random challenge if there’s one you’d prefer not to complete.

Completing any of those challenges will earn you battle stars, which unlock rewards—so let’s talk about those next.

Pre-Season Reward Track

Battle stars you earn by completing daily challenges will unlock rewards on the Pre-Season reward track. This daily challenge and reward track system is totally free, and as you accumulate battle stars you’ll be unlocking pod decals, account icons, and in-game Credits for use in the store!

Battle Pass

In addition to the reward track, The Pre-Season has a Pre-Season Battle Pass, which you can get on its own for 950 Credits or as part of one of our Founder’s Packs (which come with bonus battle stars as well as additional customization options!). The battle pass will include weekly and seasonal challenges in addition to the daily ones.

Your battle pass and reward track share progress; if you earned 15 battle stars before getting your battle pass, they’ll count for both. However, the battle pass has many more levels and loads of exclusive rewards, including hunter skins, drop pod skins, voice lines, emotes, and more—like an experience multiplier. The 80th and final reward for the Pre-Season Battle Pass is a Battle Pass Key, which can be used to unlock one of several exclusive legendary skins!

Good luck! We’re cheering for you.