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Release Notes: August 26, 2020

Hunters & Gameplay



  • Damage indicators (outgoing hit markers) now scale in size based on the amount of damage dealt by the attack. This should help players understand how impactful their attacks are.

  • Improved the reliability of melee combat. This should improve the feel and hit registration of melee attacks, especially in higher latency environments.

  • Reticles for Shakirri and Drakahl will now animate on melee attacks that successfully connect.



  • Jamming Shroud [Q]: Jamming Shroud visual effects (VFX) have been updated to better distinguish between ally and enemy shrouds. An ally’s Jamming Shroud is now easier to see through (in both directions), while an enemy’s Jamming Shroud is more difficult to see through (in both directions).

Bug fixes:

  • Grappling Hook [Shift]: Fixed a bug that allowed Ajonah to grapple on Bugg’s plants.



Bug fixes:

  • Sonic Pulse [Right Mouse Button]: Fixed a bug that caused the Sonic Pulse projectile VFX to disappear after 60 meters.



Bug fixes:

  • X-Turbo Draft [level 3 upgrade]: Fixed a bug causing X-Turbo Draft to grant a 90% charge of Turbofire instead of the intended full charge. Turbofire now begins cooldown 2 seconds after use instead of 4 seconds.


Rahi & Brother


  • Concussive Punch [level 1 upgrade]: Updated Concussive Punch to work as a projectile. The size and duration of the projectile match the VFX for added clarity.




  • Force Dome [Q]: Added VFX to display when the Force Dome despawns.

  • Added polish and variation to pistol muzzle flash effects.


Map & Matches



  • The Mini-Harvesters scenario has been re-enabled.

  • Damage amplifiers have had their power reduced by 50%. Developer’s note: All three amplifier power changes are in response to feedback and player behavior in the game after our change to scenarios and objectives. At their previous potency, amplifiers were too strong in the early match.

  • Health amplifiers have had their power reduced by 50%.

  • Regen amplifiers have had their power reduced by 33%.

  • Added a visual effect highlighting the weak points on Hives.

  • Players can no longer destroy med kits when interacting with them with a full med kit stock. Developer’s note: There was feedback that the strategic choice of denying your enemy was less important than the potential for players to accidentally deny med kits to allies.

  • The Stomper model has been updated for better performance

  • Added KELLI voiceover for each match’s scenario.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused amplifiers to occasionally spawn outside of the playable map area.



  • Reduced network bandwidth usage (client receive rate) by 30%. Developer’s note: This change will reduce instances of lag and desyncs and will be most evident to players with lower bandwidth or fluctuating internet connections.

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed a bug that caused a hunter’s awareness outline to flicker when a second player with the same hunter and skin was visible.

User Interface & Usability


  • The Essence bar on the loadout information [F1] screen now animates.

  • Continued UI performance improvements.

Bug fixes: 

  • Implemented sound effects for the pings "Take No Action" and "I Am Taking Action.”

  • Fixed multiple bugs that caused Quick Comms to cause the UI to not update appropriately.

  • Fixed a bug that caused abilities and targeting reticles to not display correctly during and after spectating another player.

  • Fixed a bug that caused healthbars to display incorrectly in some circumstances.

  • Fixed a bug that caused allied “pet” healthbars to display in enemy colors with colorblind mode enabled.

  • Fixed a bug related to quickly skipping through post-match rewards.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Quick Comms pings to display improperly.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hive icon to stop displaying when observed from a distance greater than 200m.

  • Fixed a bug that caused numbers to erroneously display on locked upgrade in the heads-up display (HUD).

  • Fixed a bug that caused black rectangles to appear on-screen during the photosensitivity warning.

  • Damage Boost Pods and Health Boost Pods are now tracked on the scoreboard.

  • Fixed several voice over and text bugs related to Quick Comms.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the resolution options in the menu from showing native display.

Known Issue

  • The Disrupted icon will not display over any hunter's head if they are Disrupted. We're working on a fix for this. In the meantime, know that successful Disruptions will still work even if the icon does not display.

Update notes: August 27, 2020

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Disrupted icon to not display appropriately over hunters' heads. This was a visual change only; Disrupting worked (and still works!) as intended.

  • Fixed a bug that caused hunters to be permanently blinded in some circumstances.

Known Issue

  • The Blind applied by Captain Mendoza's Flash Grenade and Mini-Flash Grenades lasts slightly longer than intended.